earth day climathon

Take part in the international Earth Day and become a participant in our "earth day climathon" from the 22nd April until the 4th June! In the spirit of: "Make every day Earth Day!"

The most important marathon of the year.

We now offer an open, free climathon for everyone. Time for action and less talking. Join us for the next 42.195 days during the "earth day 2021 community climathon". Start on 22 April as part of the Earth Day.

Step 1
klimakompass / climatecompass

Download or open the klimakompass/ climatecompass app in your app store. It is a free app and the app is used for climathons. Originally climathon can only be booked by municipalities and companies to activate citizens or employees. But this time the climathon is open for all our climatecompass / klimakompass users.

Step 2
Go to climathon

Go to the section climathon/klimathon and enter the code "earthday". Now you are part of worldwatchers community and paricipate in one of the most important marathon in 2021.

Step 3
Complete challenges

Challenges are suggestions for CO2 saving possibilities in daily life. All participants can select the challenges that suit them, implement them during the climathon for at least one week and document their success in the app.

Each challenge has a savings potential value, which is indicated by the number of points per challenge. In addition to the private areas of life, there are also challenges for everyday professional life, which then have a positive effect on the corporate's carbon footprint.

Step 4
Get the results

We will publish an articel about the results or follow us on Instagram

The Earth Day movement calls on the people on 22 April:

"Make every day Earth Day"

Earth Day on 22 April annually provides a guide for diverse actions around the broad spectrum of environmental and climate protection for everyone to initiate and permanently implement their personal environmental agenda. We can only achieve meaningful change if it is possible for each individual to do something. Big changes require individual steps.

Since its founding in the USA more than 50 years ago, Earth Day has grown into a popular environmental movement in 199 countries around the world and is also seen by the delegates of the UN as a reminder to the countries of the world to actively engage together in finding sustainable solutions for the environment and climate.

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